Since 1993, we have built a stronger movement for racial justice organizing in Minnesota and beyond. Our mission is to advance racial, cultural, social, and economic justice in Minnesota through organizer and leadership training, strategic convenings and campaigns, and research and policy tools.

We started out as the Organizing Apprenticeship Project, with a goal to train and place strong organizers in thriving grassroots organizations. We have trained hundreds of organizers who are now social justice leaders in organizing campaigns, nonprofit organizations, and government.

We took a visionary step many years ago, putting racial equity into the center of community organizing in Minnesota. As a result, we have seen the emergence of powerful racial equity organizing and leadership across the state.

Our new strategic vision for 2018-2022 makes clear that we are committed to caring for the soil of racial justice organizing. This metaphor came to us from our community partner and artist organizer Ricardo Levins Morales, who has drawn from an ecological perspective the importance of tending to the ecosystem of organizing for this work to be successful and sustainable over time.

This framework supports our strategic vision: that indigenous and people of color communities can lead – in healing, creative, and sustainable ways – in transforming the conditions that impact our lives. Within a context of healthy soil for racial justice organizing, we know that many seeds can thrive.

Read a short description of our strategic vision here. Get a deeper understanding here.