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As we organize and advocate for Minnesota’s BIPOC communities to be accurately and fairly represented in our new district maps, we are leaning on and trusting the collective power, leadership, and cultural wisdom of our communities. When we come together to name what we need from these district maps, we can lean into our power to imagine and push for the changes our communities deserve so that our families, and future generations grow.

District maps define our political representation, impacting policy decisions about vital aspects of community health including housing, education, and policing. These maps are created after every census and last 10+ years. Typically, district maps are redrawn without consideration for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. This results in critical funding and opportunities being lost. We cannot afford to be left out of the story.

As Minnesota’s population grows, new district lines need to be drawn. This process can keep people with common interests together or split them apart to dilute their political power and voice. Depending on where the district lines are split, this can make it harder for us to elect a representative who shares our values and who will advocate for our interests over party and self interests. As maps are redrawn, it’s important that communities of interest are a foundational principle. 

Currently, we are working with the OurMapsMN Campaign, a multiracial, grassroots effort committed to a BIPOC community-focused, accessible, and transparent redistricting process in Minnesota.

Along with our effort with the campaign, we have joined as a plaintiff, with Common Cause MN and OneMN.org, in pending redistricting litigation to ensure that Minnesota’s growing BIPOC communities are accurately and fairly represented in the new district maps. Litigation hearings were set throughout October. 

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