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Can we make the Census a tool for our liberation? The Census determines access to money, policy priorities and political representation. We’ve joined state-wide efforts to make sure we have an accurate, safe and powerful 2020 Census.

Being counted in the census can raise questions, fears and concerns about safety within our Indigenous, Black, and immigrant communities.  #WeCount is a campaign in Minnesota that shifts the census conversation into one rooted in our resilience, issues and dreams. A safe, complete and powerful 2020 Census means centering historically undercounted communities (HUC) to define why, how, and for what we need  to be counted. It’s equally important  to understand why the census is important beyond the collection of data and numbers. The census will have multiple impacts on racial justice issues for the next decade. 

The Census proves our existence. If we are not counted, we are invisible. Invisibility means fewer resources are distributed in our area. Our participation in the Census helps our neighbors and community as well. For instance,  the Census count determines where bus lines and stops go, influences planning for hospitals and other health services, and how school district boundaries are drawn. We need to make sure the data is used for racial justice, by promoting  policies that invest in our communities. We need to ensure that resources will be distributed as intended. #WeCount is not about doing the work of the systems but about using being counted as a vehicle to continue building our power. We will be deepening our relationships and aligning our shared priorities as we organize for transformation in  our communities.

Do you want to be connected to #WeCount?  Email Monica Hurtado at hurtado@voicesforracialjustice.org and get involved today.

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