Voices for Racial Justice

Turn Out (Vote NO!) – FACE THE VOTE (FTV) video

The first video of this series premiered at the Voices for Voting Rights Red Carpet Event.

Face The Vote (FTV) is part of a very large community reaction to the Voter Suppression (Voter ID) bill.  The concept behind FTV is simple: The Twin Cities Hip Hop community has decided to put a face on the voters affected by the suppression bill.

Face the Vote brings something critical and creative to the table this election season. It’s more than the talking points, the facts, the billboards, the smoke and mirrors, and the 30 second soundbites.  It’s local changemakers and culturemakers in our community connecting their voices to a key issue on the ballot this November 6th.  The message is clear: this amendment affects you, its about your life, and you’re the one who’s gonna have to do something about it and VOTE NO.

Support this grassroots project and all the artists that are part of it.  While you are at it, check out some of the behind the scenes pictures as well.

Featuring (click each link for more information):
The Lioness
Toki Wright
Maria Isa
B Dot Croc
Muja Messiah
I Self Devine
Master Mind
Jamecia Bennett


  • Video produced and directed by: Adam J Dunn
  • Songs recorded by: Bishop
  • Tracks mastered by: A. Greenwald
  • Executive Produced by: Bobby Jo Champion & Nick Muhammad