Voices for Racial Justice

Invest in a Culturally Rooted, Long-term Vision for Racial Justice.

2. Mail a check to: 2525 E. Franklin Ave, Ste 300, Minneapolis, MN 55406


Thank you for standing with us in our vision for racial justice and collective healing within communities of color in Minnesota. The work of racial justice interrupts the systems of oppression that were built on legacies of genocide, land theft, slavery, and exploitation. Our stories are a powerful way to reclaim our agency and embody the pathway to healing. 

Community building, organizing, and healing are overlapping practices. Organizing that is grounded in collective healing uplifts beautiful and powerful strategies for change that honors the expansive knowledge present in our communities. It is through these brave acts of restoration and reclamation that we are able to reconnect with the essence of who we are. 

What does it look like to center healing in our work? It calls on us to cultivate relationships with ourselves and our communities that foster tenderness, liberation, and joy. It means opening space that honors our ancestral healing practices. It’s moving towards shared visions of justice that can dream and build towards a new world that honors our individual wellness and the collective wellbeing of our communities. 

This Give to the Max Day, we’ve set a goal of raising $50,000 to go towards supporting our work in digital storytelling, healing spaces, and community policy solutions. The three areas of our work that we are uplifting are:

Women’s Circle: The Women’s Circle is a BIPOC-centered healing space for women affected by incarceration to gather, build leadership skills, define solutions, and act for change. We see this circle as a space for relationship-building that can engage our communities in advancing a long-term vision to end mass incarceration in Minnesota.

Education Equity Parent Fellowship: A BIPOC-centered, shared learning space that focuses on racial and healing justice honoring the culture, history, and traditions of communities of color. This cohort training model celebrates the voices, power, knowledge, and organizing of parents and guardians advocating for their students in school. 

Our Maps, Our Power – Redistricting: As we organize and advocate for Minnesota’s BIPOC communities to be accurately and fairly represented in our new district maps, we are leaning on and trusting the collective power, leadership, and cultural wisdom of our communities. We cannot afford to be left out of the story and deserve representation by people who will fight for the changes we deserve.

We are asking you to invest in a culturally rooted, long-term vision for racial justice. We hope you’ll join us as we find a path forward in 2022. Whether you become a monthly, sustaining donor or give a one-time donation at any level, you’ll be entered into drawings to win different community offerings. 

In gratitude and solidarity,

Monica Bryand & Gabriella Anaïs Deal-Márquez, Co-Executive Directors

2. Mail a check to: 2525 E. Franklin Ave, Ste 300, Minneapolis, MN 55406