We can’t afford to wait.

Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) is a grassroots, member-led nonprofit that builds power in low- and moderate-income Twin Cities neighborhoods through community organizing. They are working to build support for the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights in the Minnesota Legislature. Please help NOC and families facing the possibility of foreclosure in this critical process of creating fair housing and lending practices in Minnesota.
A letter from Anthony Newby of NOC:
Good People-
As many of you know, NOC has been working hard to push a Homeowner Bill of Rights through the Legislature. In the last few days, dozens of Bankers and their lobbyists have flooded the Capitol, trying to kill the Bill. Joe Atkins and James Metzen, chairs of the House and Senate Commerce committees, have threatened to stall the Bill unless Bank lobbyists approve the language. Too often our Democratic allies cave to corporate lobbyists and waffle on issues that most affect our Minnesota families. Rose McGee and other NOC are losing their homes today. We can’t afford to wait. Please call these obstacles to progress today and tell them to SUPPORT THE HOMEOWNERS BILL OF RIGHTS.

Joe Atkins: DFL, District 52B, 651-296-4192
James Metzen: DFL, District 52 (651) 296-4370

Sample script:
Hi, my name is ________ and I’m calling from NOC. I’m calling to urge Rep. Atkins / Sen. Metzen to hold a hearing on the Homeowner Bill of Rights immediately. California passed similar legislation last year, and foreclosures there have already declined 40%. With Minnesota’s foreclosure levels still three times higher than they were before the crisis began, we can’t afford to wait.

Additional talking points:

  • We need a Mediation process at the beginning of the foreclosure process.
  • Federal regulations are not strong enough to protect Minnesota families. We need State law enforcements as well.

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