Voter Guide Questions

PLease see voter guide form for character counts

  1. Name:

  2. What are your pronouns?

  3. Party Affiliation:

  4. Office You’re Running For:

  5. Do you rent or own your home?

  6. Email:

  7. Phone:

  8. Why are you running for office?

  9. Who are your heroes?

  10. What’s your favorite thing about Minneapolis?

  11. What’s your favorite album?

  12. How do you plan to engage with and be held accountable by community once you are elected?

For Mayor & City Council Candidates

  1. Where do the inequities in our city stem from?

  2. What single issue could have the biggest impact in closing racial disparities in our city?

  3. What does a city look like without police? Do you believe this could work?

  4. How do we continue to grow our city without displacing the people that want to stay here?

  5. What is the opposite of gentrification?

  6. How will you fight against state preemption of local control?

  7. What policy changes are necessary to improve the health of all Minneapolis residents?

  8. How can the city improve our transportation infrastructure?

  9. How will you improve conditions for workers in our city?

  10. How do you define sanctuary city? Do you believe that Minneapolis should fill this role and what would you do to make this happen?

  11. What is the role of city government in shaping Minneapolis as the city of the future?

  12. Why should young people be invested in local politics?

For Park Board Candidates

  1. Will you support a massive investment into youth development and childcare programs in neighborhood rec center?

  2. Where will you shift money in the MPRB budget to increase funding for youth development?

  3. How will you increase access to free and affordable childcare programs?

  4. How will you support Staff of Color at the Minneapolis Park Board?

  5. How will you maximize wealth building for Northside residents in the Upper Harbor Terminal Development?

  6. What can you do as a park commissioner to prevent displacement from the Upper Harbor Terminal Development?

  7. Do you support re-distributing the Developer Fees from Downtown to support Youth Development programs in neighborhood Rec Centers?