The People’s Platform

Chilli Lor performed this piece at the August 29, 2013 Equity in the Parks Forum.563933_583439598382057_18493014_n

Chia ‘Chilli’ Lor graduated with honors from St. Paul Central High School and is currently attending St. Catherine University. Her poems have been published in local projects like the literary journal, Paj Ntaub Voice, and the 2012 edition of Saint Paul Almanac. As an emerging community organizer, poet, hip-hop artist, and b-girl, Chilli has a vision of changing the lives of youth and women through performing arts.






[Call and Response:

Call: This is

Response: The People’s Platform!]


Ladies and Gentleman,

your next destination:

The People’s Platform.


This is :

The People’s Platform!


This, is where political parties turn to…. block parties.

This, is where the people come to voice their worries


and engage… actively.

This is where the marginalized are elevated,

for everyone is asked to “step up.”

This, is where policy makers are also…. people

Because this is where commissions


“of the people, by the people, for the people!”


This is:

The People’s Platform!


“We believe in:

Diversity, cultural competency, equity,

health and accessibility for all communities.

We believe that everyone have their own ideas and stories

That only when they’re presented can there be… authenticity.”


This is where planning boards turn to… chalk boards;

where neighbors gather

to shape the Agenda.

No one is working in silos here,

only in teams,

because this is a foundation in which the people stand together


This is:

The People’s Platform!


This is where Oscar Grant lives

This is where the “train bound for glory” starts

This is where change begins

This is where hope becomes reality

this is

this is


This is: The People’s Platform!


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