meme countdown #14: Vote No, Or Never Vote Again

Salvador Miranda, community organizer, fall 2012.

In an early Voices for Voting Rights meeting, sometime in mid summer, there was discussion over messaging and how to really translate to our communities what is at stake with the proposed Voter ID/ Voter Restriction Amendment.  In particular, how do we highlight the potential impacts on people’s lives?


Salvador Miranda had an idea for a slogan that seemed like it might be useful- “Vote NO, or Never Vote Again.”


meme countdown #15: We Have the Power (2)

October 11th, 2012 Red Carpet Event. Image still from “MINNESOTA VOTE NO” film produced by Voices for Voting Rights and Line Break Media.

You may have already seen our earlier “WE HAVE THE POWER” meme.  This image was taken at the same Red Carpet event and shows the crowd of over 300 people from multiracial, multicultural communities that were in attendance. Those in the front couches were special community celebrity guests featured in the video series.


meme countdown #19: We Have the Power; Communities Unite!

Say Yang and Dona Evans pictured together at the October 11th, 2012 Red Carpet Event. Photo by Jew DreamFirstBorn.


Last spring, polls showed the amendment passing easily with 80 percent support. But recent polls have indicated a sharp drop in support, one with 52 percent support and another with 51 percent of likely voters supporting the amendment. Communities of color will clearly contribute to essential votes in this November decision.  So far, it seems that the more Minnesotans know about the amendment, the less they like it.