Drivers Licenses for All: Build a Road to Justice for All Minnesotans

941751_633781403316195_1028139723_nA hunger strike is underway at the Minnesota Capitol to push Speaker Thissen and the Minnesota House to act on the Drivers Licenses for All bill. MN-Mesa Latina is asking for help in sharing this message.

Join with MN-Mesa Latina to ask Speaker of the House Paul Thissen to move the Driver’s License for All bill through the House! Thanks to all of your action last week, Senate Majority Leader Thomas Bakk has come out in favor of the bill, and we expect movement on the bill in the Senate.  We need you, our community members and our allies, to take action with MN-Mesa Latina to keep momentum on this bill in the House!

Please raise your voice for a safe and inclusive Minnesota in ONE easy step:

Call or email Speaker of the House Paul Thissen to request that he meets with MN-Mesa Latina and that he schedules a hearing for the bill in the House Ways and Means Committee. Contact information and example language is below.

Example language:

Honorable Representative Thissen:

Hello, my name is _____________. I am contacting you today to request two actions to support House File 348, the Driver’s License for All bill.
First: Please meet with representatives of MN-Mesa Latina and their allies, to discuss directly why this bill is critical for public safety, prosperity, and fairness to all hardworking Minnesotans.
Second: Please schedule a hearing for this critical bill in the House Ways and Means committee, and support its passage to the House floor. Our state has come a long way in building the public safety and inclusion that reflect Minnesotans’ values, and the Driver’s License for All bill is a vital next step. Please be a hero to hardworking Minnesota families of every immigration status and schedule this hearing for House File 348, the Driver’s License for All bill. Thank you for supporting the ability of all Minnesotans to work, attend school, and live their lives.


MAY DAY March and Rally


Join OAP and community partners on May 1 for

International Workers Day!

Support Immigration Reform in Minnesota:

Driver’s License SF 271/HF 348 and Prospererity Act SF 723

Gather at Central Presbyterian Church at 500 Cedar St., St. Paul

3pm March

4pm Rally



Centro Campesino Youth Prepare to Advocate for Immigration Change in Washington, D.C.

On February 18, 2013, OAP’s Salvador Miranda headed to Owatonna to work with Centro Campesino youth preparing to travel to Washington, D.C. as advocates for immigration change. They will be joining the National Council of La Raza for the National Latino Advocacy Days on March 6-7. Stay tuned for more news soon about this group of young organizers!

Thank you to Robert McIntosh for documenting the training day in Owatonna. See more photos on OAP’s Facebook page. Read about the day here.


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