Racial Justice Week of Action – Get Ready!

TOP PICK cover Photo 17Next week is a big week at the Minnesota Legislature, with many opportunities to raise our voices for racial justice. Please join allies for racial justice in committing to action in the week ahead. All it takes is contacting your legislator, being present at a hearing or a press conference, or spreading the word through social media. We are asking racial justice leaders to take at least two actions for justice next week. Together we can build our powerful collective voices as Minnesotans who are willing to fight for racial and economic justice. Here are some opportunities to act…stay tuned for more!

This Weekend

Like the Organizing Apprenticeship Project on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We will be posting and sharing fast-breaking opportunities to call and act for equity on Facebook as well as by email.  Join us, and then share these action opportunities with ALL of your friends.

Support the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights. Join the growing list of supporters working with NOC, JCA, ISAIAH and others to pass this important bill that would protect homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Sign this petition urging hearings in the Minnesota House and Senate. Call Sen. James Metzen, Chair of the Senate Commerce Committee at 651-296-4370, and urge him to schedule a hearing.

 Monday March 11

 Ask your Legislator to support the advancement of bills on OAP’s 2013 Racial Equity Bill Watch. Look for the Bill Watch on Monday on the Voices for Racial Justice blog. We will email this to agenda supporters as well.  All legislators will receive this, along with the message that communities across the state are paying attention to the principles of racial justice and the bills on this list. Call or email your legislators and tell them to pay attention, too. The mid-session Bill Watch may still grow, but the bills listed here are clearly important for racial equity in Minnesota. Let’s make sure that racial justice progresses in Minnesota. Find your legislator here.

 Join NOC, ISAIAH, Jewish Community Action and allies at the Capitol to support and win a Senate hearing for  the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights. Action will begin with a Press Conference at 11:15 and move on from there. For more information contact Anthony Newby.

Watch the news on education equity and the Governor’s budget. OAP, Education Equity Organizing Collaborative allies, ISAIAH and others will be speaking and standing with the Minnesota Commissioner of Education at a press conference on Monday, supporting investments that close opportunity gaps in Minnesota. 11:30 a.m. Minnesota State Capitol Room 125

Tuesday March 12

No New Jim Crow in MN – Keep gun violence from destroying communities11:00 a.m. press conference at the Capitol. Join Protect Minnesota, OAP, and people of color in saying NO to more criminalization through the increased prosecution and mandatory minimum sentences in a bill introduced in the House (HF 1323). Instead, we favor prevention of gun violence and holding gun sellers accountable with universal background checks (HF 237/SF 458).

HF 1054 & SF 925 – Two hearings on legislation to grant same-sex couples the freedom to marry. House Civil Law Committee (8:15 a.m.) and Senate Judiciary Committee (noon). Learn more about contacting your legislators and key committee members at Minnesotans United.

Wednesday March 13

Make our Voices for Racial Justice Heard! Pick up the phone, get on Facebook, Tweet, and visit the Capitol to let your legislators know that you care about racial justice in Minnesota. Share your specific priorities. Watch for more specific opportunities to act as well. It is a big, fast-moving week at the Capitol!

Hearing on Poverty Impact Statements HF 1278. A bill introduced by Rep. Carlos Mariani would require poverty impact statements on bills when requested by a legislator. Analysis must include impact by race, ethnicity, age, and gender when data is available. This is not getting a lot of attention, but could add a powerful tool to building racial and economic justice in Minnesota. House Government Operations, 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. and reconvene at 6:30 p.m., Room 5 State Office Building. Attend or contact a committee member.

Thursday March 14

Honor Tribal Sovereignty. Senate hearing on the wolf hunt moratorium bill (HF 1163/SF 666). Capitol room 107, Noon. Join and support.

Support DREAMers seeking higher education. Senate Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee Hearing on “Prosperity Act” aka Dream Act 2. Capitol room 123, 3:00-5:30.

Friday March 15

First committee deadline in the Legislature. The work of building racial justice continues throughout the session, with updates to the Racial Equity Bill Watch and many more opportunities for action. Stay tuned…to Voices for Racial Justice, Facebook, and Twitter. Be sure to share your stories of working for a more just Minnesota.


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