Health Equity

Voices for Racial Justice is home to ARCHé (Alliance for Racial and Cultural Health équity) a project that seeks to grow the voice and power of communities of color and American Indians throughout Minnesota to change the systems and policies that through structural racism are negatively impacting the well-being of our communities. We seek to dismantle barriers to health equity that include inequitable data collection, access to health insurance, employment, housing, and transportation. We are also working with the Minnesota Department of Health by providing technical assistance to its staff and grantees on how authentic community engagement advances health equity in the state.

We have developed some key principles for authentic community engagement that are important for all work to advance racial equity. Available in both Spanish and English:

Voices for Racial Justice worked with multiple community partners in a process to elevate their perspectives for a report to the Minnesota Department of Health on the importance of demographic data for improving health equity, Read the report and learn more about the process:

Advancing health equity by making racial, ethnic and sociodemographic disparities visible in Minnesota’s health care quality measurement system.

MDH needs to partner with communities not only to innovate the health care system but to institutionalize health equity

To learn more about our health equity initiatives, contact Mónica Hurtado at