Greater Visions MN

The Greater Visions project is connecting with leaders for racial equity in communities and tribal nations across Minnesota. We offer the opportunities to develop capacity, for racial justice training, and to co-create community narratives and regional racial equity agendas.

Greater Visions includes the OUR MPLS partnership which we convened to launch a campaign for racial equity in Minneapolis. We develop concrete recommendations for racial equity, strengthened by our leadership in gaining the support of city leaders, allies and community members.

Agenda building is also happening through our work with inmates at Lino Lakes Correctional Facility. The BRIDGE Partnership grew out of an historic workshop developed by Voices for Racial Justice and some inmates at Lino Lakes, bringing community leaders and inmates together to share their visions for better transition to the community, through change both within the corrections system and in the community.

“…this letter is just my attempt to help build some type of bridge between us in here and the community out there. I figure if you all are doing work out there then I figure so should we.”

–Kevin Reese, Lino Lakes Correctional Facility, in a letter to Vina Kay