Gabriella Anais Deal-Márquez

Interim Executive Co-Director, Communications

About Gabriella:

Gabriella Anais Deal-Márquez, Interim Executive Co-Director, Communications

Gabriella Anaïs is an artist and cultural organizer, raised in Veracruz, México and Milwaukee, WI, who now calls Minneapolis home. Her organizing is grounded in cultural strategy that centers art and healing in movement work with communities of color. She founded the Youth Cultural Organizing Institute at Voices, a summer training that centers the voices of youth of color and opens spaces that prioritize their growth, leadership and organizing. Anaïs is also a writer who is finishing her first poetry collection, which looks at family legacies of displacement, trauma and healing at the U.S.-Mexico border. In 2014 she started Border Voices to create space for performance poets of immigrant and refugee diasporas to use their art as an anchor for our collective healing.