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    Join us for a celebration concert with Brother Ali hosting, and featuring Chastity Brown, The Lioness, I Self Devine, and more.

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  • Our Strategic Vision 2018-2022

    Voices for Racial Justice is committed to caring for the soil of racial justice organizing.

    Our Vision
  • Unfit for Human Consumption

    Health and Healthcare in Minnesota Prisons

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Working with communities of color and American Indian communities to lead the way toward a more inclusive and equitable Minnesota.

What We Do

  • Organizing

    Grassroots community organizing is the core of our strategy. Our work is centered on racial justice and leadership training and organizing that brings multiracial and multicultural communities together to lead for change.

  • Advocacy

    Along with a network of partners, we advocate for change at all levels, in multiple settings. Through community-driven advocacy, we demonstrate how authentic community engagement makes for better policy.

  • Policy

    Our organizing and policy tools help leaders see how to build racial equity. Through this work, we push for the transparency and accountability among public leaders that is necessary to build racial justice together.

Our Voices

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Voices for
Racial Justice

Activating the Power of Young Voices For the Working Family Credit

This blog was written by Shannon Holloman about a community conversation Voices for Racial Justice was a part of that took place in April with young workers about economic prosperity and the role of tax credits, specifically Minnesota’s Working Family Credit (WFC) and the push to expand it during this legislative session so that more young people…

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Voices for
Racial Justice

Protecting the Renters Credit is a Racial Justice Issue: Part Four

This is the final part of a piece written in collaboration with Brett Grant (Voices for Racial Justice), Clark Biegler Goldenrod (Minnesota Budget Project), Roberto de la Riva (Inquilinxs Unidxs), and Eric Hauge (HOME line).   Read part 1 here,  part 2 here, and part 3 here Policy Proposals to Protect Renters in the Twin Cities…

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