Change the Name!

Join us Voices and Parks & Power at the MPRB meeting April 19th and demand park commissioners vote YES on recommendations to change the name!

On April 19th the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will vote on the recommendations made by the Harriett/Calhoun Master Plan Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to support the full removal of John C. Calhoun’s name from our beautiful lake and to restore the Dakota name Bde Maka Ska..

This is the highest priority recommendation made by the CAC, amongst other recommendations related to trails, etc. Although the CAC already voted to support the change (pictured above) and despite an outpouring of public support, MPRB commissioners are still saying they will not support the name change.

We need everyone to contact their commissioners, then show up and let the MPRB know we will not honor White Supremacists, champions of Slavery and Genociders like South Carolinian John C Calhoun in Minneapolis. Its time for Truth Telling and for public officials to take a stand for Racial Justice, please join us on Wednesday, April 19th and make your voice heard

See the Facebook event here.

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Bemichigamaag Community Walk Against Drugs

Audrianna GoodwinAudrianna Goodwin, student, wrote about her experience at the Bemichigamaag Community Walk Against Drugs, Saturday April 2, 2016.

“Saturday at the walk against drugs, I took from it hope, hope that the drugs and the addictions that come with these drugs will one day be non – existent. One speaker said two things that really stuck out to me

1. He feels that it’s the woman who have the answers to our problems.

2. That the negative stigma around “snitching” is our own form of oppression.

Next Nicole spoke and said some really good things but when she mentioned that she had invited the chief of police of Bemidji, and the Sheriff of Beltrami county to come walk with us, but they never showed.I understand that they have lives of their own, but that in itself shines light that things they say to the media don’t necessarily reflect their own personal agendas.

Before we started walking an elderly man said a prayer and the one thing I took from it is he said each and every one of us is walking for a hundred people that can’t be here, that meant alot to me. Drugs affect all of us in one way or another.

It’s not going to be the cops, or the government officials solving our problems, it’s up to us. We really have to start thinking outside the box when we talk about these issues, the programs that we have in place currently aren’t being successful. I ask myself how can we put our minds together so our children, and our children’s, children don’t have to see the same turmoils we are today. Drugs/alcohol are tearing our communities apart, and it hurts me to see so many of my people suffering.

I know that it’s not only the drug dealers fueling this problem, but for those of you that choose to live that lifestyle. I ask you to open your eyes and see the destruction it has on our communities. And for those of you struggling day to day battling drug/alcohol addictions think of how much better your life would be if, how all of our lives would be,if this epidemic wasn’t upon our people. Our bodies and our minds were never meant to have these things put in our bodies. So with that I pray today, and I will continue to pray for guidance that one day we will have the solutions and be the strong resilient people that we were meant to be.

Mi’iw Miigwech bizindawiyag”


Minneapolis American Indian Mayoral Forum TONIGHT!


Dear Friends and Relatives,


Please join us this evening for the Minneapolis  Mayoral Forum! Looking forward to seeing you all tonight, Thursday, October 17th from 7:00 – 8:30pm at 1414 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, MN. Make sure to stop in and hear how the next Mayor of Minneapolis plans to work with the American Indian community. We’ll also have free “Make Voting A Tradition” t-shirts and other voting swag hot off the presses! Appetizers and refreshments will be served from 6:00 – 7:00pm prior to the forum. See you all tonight!

Confirmed candidates: 

Betsy Hodges, Mark Andrew, Jackie Cherryhomes, Cam Winton, Stephanie Woodruff, Don Samuels, Bob Fine and Dan Cohen