Action Opportunity: Ban the Box and Limit Access to Juvenile Records

Our allies at Second Chance Coalition are working hard to expand opportunities. Can you help open the door to employment for individuals with a criminal record? How about helping youth move on and access college and job opportunities?

It’s important for legislators to see the community support for these important changes

 Expand Employment Opportunities


Limit Access to Juvenile Records

The Second Chance Coalition needs YOU to JOIN US on Thursday, February 28 at 12:00 PM in Room 123 at the State Capitol. We have a big day coming up and need folks to show up and show support! Wear your Second Chance t-shirts. Some extras will be available.

This Thursday, February 28, the juvenile hearings privacy bill and ban the box for private employers will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing starting at 12:00 (Noon) in room 123 of the State Capitol. These bills are Senate Files 286, 361, and 523.


The Juvenile Hearings Privacy Bill will protect youth opportunity by limiting the availability of juvenile records. This protects our youth from a potential life-time of stigma that prevents them from gaining access to colleges and universities and prevents them from accessing many employment opportunities. The Juvenile Justice System was designed to protect youth from permanent stigma.


Ban-the-Box will require employers to stop asking about arrest and conviction records on initial employment applications.This allows many individuals who have made mistakes that opportunity to be considered for employment.Minnesota has the largest racial disparities in unemployment in the nation and Banning the Box will contribute to increased access for employment.Ban-the-Box will also ensure that Minnesotan’s who want to work can work.


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