Building Racial Justice

As Minnesota changes demographically, the urgency for true racial equity is greater than ever. Voices for Racial Justice works statewide – because communities of color and American Indian communities live throughout Minnesota – to break down the systemic barriers that limit access to opportunities and equitable outcomes.

We believe that:
Structural change is necessary. Ending the racial disparities in criminal justice, education, housing, and employment requires addressing institutional and structural barriers.
Outcomes are important. Colorblind policymaking will not end disparities. Instead, we must be intentional about examining the racial equity impact of practices and policies.
Our voices matter. Too often, the experience and perspective of those communities most affected by disparities are not part of the policy change process. Our communities should not only be at the table, but also leading the way.


Grassroots community organizing is the core of our strategy, with the belief in the power of people to define barriers and create solutions. Our work is centered on racial justice and leadership training and organizing that brings multiracial and multicultural communities together to lead for change.


Along with a network of partners, we advocate for change at all levels, in multiple settings. Our advocacy takes us from the local level in schools and city government, to the state legislature. Through community-driven advocacy, we demonstrate how authentic community engagement makes for better policy.


Our organizing and policy tools help leaders see how to build racial equity, whether by mapping out a rubric process to guide the way or setting agendas to engage policymakers in envisioning change. Through this work, we push for the transparency and accountability among public leaders that is necessary to build racial justice together.

Voices for Racial Justice turns to these building blocks for racial equity – as we break down the multiple barriers to true opportunity – on a path to achieving the ultimate goal of racial justice and a transformed, inclusive society.