2014 Racial Equity Bill Watch

Voices for Racial JusticeOn March 5, Organizing Apprenticeship Project released the 2014 Racial Equity Agenda: Leading for a Greater Minnesota. Over 50 groups across the state have signed on in support of the Agenda and its goal of presenting multiple strategies for advancing racial and economic justice in our state.

Now we are sharing with racial justice advocates and legislators the mid-session Racial Equity Bill Watch, which lists bills that we at OAP and our allies working closely on multiple issues have identified as strategies for breaking down barriers and building true justice in Minnesota.

Positive racial equity policies meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Does the legislation explicitly address racial disparities and work to eliminate racial inequities?
  • Will the legislation help eliminate barriers to access to public benefits and institutions for communities of color?
  • Does the legislation advance enfranchisement and full civic participation for everyone in the state?
  • Will the legislation protect against racial violence, racial profiling, and discrimination?
  • Does the legislation preserve, protect, and/or strengthen the ability of American Indian tribes to exercise their rightful sovereignty?

Have a look at the Racial Equity Bill Watch and let us know about issues and amendments that you are following. We will continue to update this list as the legislative session continues and the work for racial justice progresses. We also ask that you alert us to bills or amendments we should consider for a negative impact on racial equity.

Please use this list in your organizing efforts, follow our blog at www.voicesforracialjustice.org, and find us on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected to the work for racial and economic justice. Most of all, be sure to share your voice for racial justice with our community of leaders in Minnesota.

Finally, the work for racial justice takes time, energy, commitment, and resources.

Please consider supporting this work if you can.


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